Study: Invisible payments like Amazon Go can help retailers grow revenue

19. November 2017.

A new Juniper Research report reveals smart store technologies will spur over $78 billion in annual transaction revenue in the next five years.

These technologies, such as Amazon Go and what the report describes as “invisible payment” tech, are ideal for online-first retailers, notes the report, as they can drive a more personalized customer experience.

The report, Future In-store Retail Technologies: Adoption, Implementation & Strategy 2017-2022, states the majority of revenues from new retail technologies would be derived from two elements: checkout apps and automatic scanning, according to a press release.

“Retail technologies are all moving to make in-store retail more experience-focused,” said research author James Moar, in the release. “This is ideal for online-first retailers as the store functions as an advert for an existing business. Offline-first retailers need to both have more personalized experiences and maintain the same transaction volume; a far harder task.”

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