Ceridian Extends Payroll Tech To UK After IPO

31. July 2018.








Payroll and human capital management (HCM) company Ceridian is rolling out its cloud-based platform in the U.K. months after a successful initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

A press release Tuesday (July 31) said Ceridian’s Dayforce launch in the U.K. enables businesses in the market to access its integrated payroll and workforce management solutions on the platform. The company positions its solution as a streamlined, unified tool for companies to manage their staff, including paying employees, scheduling, monitoring overtime and accessing employee information.

The tool also offers integrated talent recruitment and retention solutions, as well as automated payroll and human resource (HR) tasks.

“The benefits of a single, real-time solution for HCM are transformational, and we’re excited to bring this full capability to the U.K. market,” said Ross Tracey, Ceridian Europe’s managing director, in a statement.

Ceridian CEO and Chairman David Ossip said in a statement, “With the expansion of Dayforce, including the addition of native U.K. payroll, employers in this market have access to the same award-winning platform used by more than 3,000 customers around the world. By adopting one consolidated HCM solution, companies can transform HR processes on a global scale to better acquire, develop, schedule, pay and manage their people.”

Its rollout in the U.K. follows April’s IPO on the NYSE. Ceridian beat expectations when it closed at $22 per share the day of its debut analysts had previously predicted between $19 and $21 per share. The firm raised $462 million with its IPO.

“It’s a testament to the transformation story our company has gone through,” said President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Elliot in a statement at the time.

Meanwhile, the payroll industry continues to see rising competition in the U.S. Earlier this month, USA Payroll announced that it has been acquired by Asure Software, consolidating the U.S. payroll market. That deal saw Asure expand in the U.S. and offer its clients expanded functionality.

Asure CEO Pat Goepel said in a statement,“Asure has a significant opportunity to help educate our clients in modern workforce technology, adding value to many areas of their business.”

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