Datacenters Provide Opportunities For Midsize Banks

6. August 2018.

Given the present political climate, and stories about data breaches making headline news, Data Centers may make the average person twitch, but the demand for data centers provide opportunities for banks to capitalize on loans in the commercial real estate sector. CBRE’s US Data Centre Trends Report claims that investments in the market were over $20 billion. This is triple digit growth.

Data Centers are where companies keep information about customers as well as proprietary data, usually in a smaller market than the corporate office. Many corporations find that these centers are critical for compliance practices. Even midsize businesses will need funding for stand alone centers as companies are turning to the cloud for their computing needs. Financial services and healthcare are two big sectors that have already moved in this direction. Both commercial real estate funding and traditional business loans should increase as this market is projected to get to $50 billion within 2 years.

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