Study: Brits carrying more cash thanks to online banking outages

18. September 2018.

Technology is great โ€ฆ until it isn’t. It’s a fact that Brits who bank online have discovered. And it has caused nearly half of them to change their behavior, according to U.K. research firm Consumer Intelligence.

A new CI study found that 27 percent of Brits are carrying more cash after being affected by online banking outages โ€” or out of awareness of recent outages on card networks. And 82 percent said they are being more careful with their data.

Sort of. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) confessed that they change passwords less than once a year, and nearly a third (32 percent) admitted that they never change them at all.

“As customers we can blame the banks for issues and data breaches, but many of us leave ourselves open to issues by not changing passwords regularly and using the same password across all accounts,” CI Key Account Director Andy Buller said in a press release. “Once a hacker has one password they have access to all your accounts.”

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