Paya partners with Artis Technologies

Paya, a leading provider of integrated payment and commerce solutions, has partnered with Artis Technologies a lending solutions provider for businesses.

With this partnership, Paya’s payments technology will integrate directly into the Artis Connect and Artis Credit platforms, providing a seamless payment experience for businesses while offering real-time consumer financing.

Paya enables Artis to process payments digitally and track them in real time, significantly increasing operational efficiency. As part of Artis’ real-time lending framework, businesses quickly secure funding for their client and automate the payment processing based on the client’s new line of credit, ensuring that funds are readily available to support project continuity.

“Paya’s collaboration with Artis represents yet another use case of integrated payments for businesses and consumers, this time for the lending space,” Mark Engels, Paya’s chief officer said in the release. “Through our partnership, Artis will enhance its embedded financial services platforms with integrated payment capabilities, offering businesses a more efficient way to track and process payments, and improve the overall experience for their customers.”

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