Oasis Vehicle Refreshments secures patent for mobile vending machines for vehicles

Oasis Vehicle Refreshments, a manufacturer of refrigerated vending systems for public transit vehicles like taxis, rental cars or autonomous vehicles, has received the first patent on its intelligent vending system technology, according to a press release. The connected mobile storefronts will allow the company to provide on-demand chilled beverages and snacks to passengers while en route.

Passengers can enjoy refreshments by ordering and retrieving beverage and snack brands within sedan, SUV and hatchback vehicles. The modular refrigerated vending machine has inventory cartridges and a digital interactive screen with credit/debit card and digital payment processing.

“After successfully piloting our vending system within taxi fleets, we have learned a lot and recognize that Oasis will be an excellent fit across vehicle markets including rental car fleets,” Daniel Dao, founder and CEO, said in the press release. “We are actively interviewing the right partner to leverage our systems and greatly improve the customer experience of the ride within the rental car industry.”

The system uses cloud management, inventory tracking, digital ads, promotions and product information as well as integrated cellular technologies to assure that the connected mobile storefronts in public transit vehicles can be monitored and can deliver analytics on product buying habits.

Image courtesy of Oasis Vehicle Refreshments.

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