A2iA Selected as a Key Software Component to Combat Check Fraud at Four of the Largest U.S.-Based Retail Banks

21. May 2018.

New York, NY, Paris, France, April 19, 2018 – A2iA (@A2iA), an award-winning developer of artificial intelligence and machine-learning based software for the worldwide data capture, document processing, and payment systems markets, today announced that it has closed new deals with four of the largest U.S.-based retail banks to combat check fraud and risk within a centralized process. By integrating a2ia CheckReader™, a comprehensive check-processing toolkit, the banks will analyze the checks’ stock and characteristics stored inside the checks’ identity record (CIR). These check verification and fraud detection capabilities help detect alterations and other counterfeits that are often difficult to be seen by a human, often resulting in millions of dollars lost every year by the banks.

“Since A2iA’s founding more than 26 years ago, we have been focused on ways to analyze checks and other financial documents, helping to automate this process and to reducing the cost of fraud,” said Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA President and Chairman of the Board. “Our R&D Team continues to be focused on this space with each product release. As the fraudsters become more advanced, so must our software.”

Credited with industry firsts for the global banking industry, a2ia CheckReader is trusted by the largest banks and corporations around the world, including eight of the top ten US-based banks, 90% of French banks, 90% of Brazilian Banks, and 100% of U.K. banks. With deployments in more than 42 countries including the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, and within applications for branch capture, remote solutions, centralized processing, fraud detection, omni-channel workflows and ATMs, A2iA processes millions of transactions a day.

A flexible, scalable and powerful SDK, a2ia CheckReader is available for integration into complete solutions to locate and extract key fields on checks from around the world, as well as to analyze the image quality (IQA) and image usability (IUA).

About A2iA

Award-winning with research and development at its core, A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (www.a2ia.com), is a science and R&D driven software company with deep roots in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. With simple, easy to use and intuitive toolkits, A2iA delivers add-on features to speed automation, simplify customer engagement and quickly capture all types of printed and handwritten data from documents – whether captured by a desktop scanner or mobile device. By enhancing solutions from systems integrators and independent software vendors, A2iA allows complex and cursive data from all types of documents to become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexibility as printed or digital data. For more information, visit www.a2ia.com or call +1 917-237-0390 within the Americas, or +33 1 44 42 00 80 within EMEA, India or Asia.

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