AI and Analytics – Accelerating Business Decisions

20. April 2018.

This book provides a comprehensive set of perspectives of how to conceptualize, curate and execute AI and Analytics strategies in the business landscape for end-to-end transformative results.

The first section on strategy and transformation lays out a detailed build up on Analytics 3.0 Roadmap Strategy for CXOs, focusing on a thorough analysis of building analytics first strategy, dealing with complexities in AI and Analytics adoption, and taking the call on “Build, Buy or Outsource” of establishing AI capabilities that are critical for Analytics led transformation of enterprises, and building competitive advantage for startups. Further, within this section, to orchestrate accelerated decision making in enterprises; an incisive framework is laid out to enable enterprises to evolve to next stage of analytics maturity.

Within the continuum of strategy and transformation section; the chapters on AI Strategy for Enterprises makes an attempt to portray on how AI adoption is disrupting conventional strategic planning processes, how CEOs can make their enterprise AI ready and pivot their business and operating models. This is followed by a comprehensive description of Algorithm Economy and its deep transformative potential, to the extent of potentially turn companies to math houses and bestowing an Algorithm to the status of a boardroom member, making strategic decisions. Further, it outlines in great depth, leveraging human science as the next in deep behavioral analysis using “thick data”, and implementing design thinking and creative intelligence to create the next level of opportunities and gains in the future workplaces.

The second section provides a commentary on specific examples of analytics and AI adoption for CXOs, namely CFO, CIO, CPO, and CMO replete with contextualized working scenarios and use cases of functions and business value chain disruptions within respective CXO’s spheres. The third section demonstrates topical details of disruption and transformation brought about by AI and Analytics, for multiple sets of industries – Banking, Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & CPG. Each industry chapter entails specific nuances of the way AI and analytics have created high decibel business impact in areas of Risk Mitigation and Fraud Prevention, Customer Experience, supply chain, Personalized Medicine and RWE based Drug Testing, claim processing and customer experience using robotization and chatbots.

While exponential technologies like Blockchain, IoT, cryptocurrencies, drones and many more are creating ripples in enterprises, a section is dedicated to exhibiting all these exponential technologies core frameworks underpinned by Ai and Analytics.

In nutshell, the book will attempt to lay out a complete roadmap of AI and Analytics strategies, provide an aggregated view of adoption scenarios and consumption for CXO’s and multiple industries and demonstrates accelerated decision-making process mechanisms for CXO’s. Finally, the book takes a forward-looking outlook for AI and analytics industry that can arm CXO’s and make them future ready.

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