Amelie’s Bitcoin Challenge (ABC)

15. October 2017.

Racing from Toronto to Vegas Using Only Bitcoin.

Will Marketing Director, Amelie Arras from Chichester in West Sussex become the first woman to independently cross the US using only bitcoin as currency? This is Amelie’s Bitcoin Challenge organised by Fintech Finance and Money 20/20 – but will it be as easy as ABC? Not according to Dave Erasmus, the last Bitcoin racer in Money 20/20’s Payment Race from London to Copenhagen in June. Despite his best efforts, Dave was unable to leave London.

With the recent claims of widening Bitcoin acceptance in travel agents, hotels, airlines, food outlets, gas stations, car hire companies and ATMs in the US, Amelie is confident that this race will be different. Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency and Amelie’s challenge is to purchase everything from food to travel to accommodation during the seven-day race.

The race starts at the Sibos exhibition in Toronto on 18th October, with seven secret designated challenges along the route; and ends at Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas, the world’s largest FinTech and Payments event.

Amelie will compete against other racers, each using their own unique payment method. It will be just the second time that a race of this nature has been run in the build-up to Money 20/20.

Currently Bitcoin is experiencing record highs in the exchange market, but general acceptance of the currency is not yet in line with the growth in value. This will make the journey a challenge as she seeks to traverse the near 2,300 miles, across 10 states, on a currency that is still very much finding its feet in the US market.

With her Bitcoin wallet and trusty video camera, Adastra has ultimate faith that our intrepid Marketing Director will win, or at least pass the finish line in time!

Amelie Arras, Adastra Marketing Director says:

“I’m really excited to be part of the race and to have Bitcoin as my payment method. As FinTech and Payments marketing specialists, Adastra is close to innovations within the payment market. Bitcoin, a virtual currency was launched in 2009 and has slowly evolved into a legitimate payment method accepted by a small but growing number of merchants worldwide. It may still be seen by most consumers as an investment rather than a method of payment but hopefully perception and acceptance by merchants is starting to change. Follow my challenge – I am determined to win the race!”

Follow the race and track Amelie’s progress as she embarks on her Bitcoin Challenge across North America. Follow her daily journey and preparation via these links:





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