Arivpay chooses Truevo for POS and e-commerce acquiring

22. October 2020.

U.K.-based retail and online payments provider Arivpay has selected Malta-based acquirer, Truevo, to supply point-of-sale card terminals and e-commerce acquiring services. Truevo will service Arivpay’s network of 10,000 businesses in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool then expand to Scotland, Wales, and other parts of the U.K., according to a press release.

Arivpay provides payment solutions for brick-and-mortar stores and specializes in convenience stores, restaurants and pubs. It initially broke into the e-commerce space by servicing travel agencies and e-commerce retail companies. The company will differentiate itself from competitors with Truevo’s latest technology in point-of-sale systems, especially considering most U.K. stores and restaurants still rely on older terminals which can’t process payments at the same time merchants receive a telephone call.

“Truevo is a perfect match for Arivpay. We’ve been looking for a new POS solution for merchants in the U.K. which also provides e-commerce acquiring, and Truevo is it,” Rajshankar Balasingham, CEO of Arivpay said in the release. “Truevo sells the newest generation of terminals. Both merchant onboarding and settlement are quick. We’ll be one of the first large providers to offer Truevo’s service in the UK. This gives us a huge advantage over businesses which only provide payments products from traditional market players.”

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