Better Mortgage To Offer Samsung Rewards

19. October 2017.








Better Mortgage, a digital mortgage company aiming to improve access to home financing, announced Thursday (Oct. 19) that it is among the first third parties to use Samsung Rewards’ new API.

In a press release, Better Mortgage, which has zero commissions, said Samsung Rewards works similar to a points-based airline’s rewards program, giving users points for so-called meaningful engagements with Samsung devices. Some of those include using Samsung Pay at checkout, using Bixby or signing up for features offered by Samsung Health. With Samsung Rewards’ new API, Samsung and Better Mortgage customers will get rewarded when they get pre-approved for a mortgage, lock in a rate or fund a transaction.

“Samsung and Better are both committed to using technology to improve people’s lives, which at its core, means removing friction from the process. At Better, we’ve made it possible to get pre-approved for a mortgage in as little as three to five minutes without the hassle of cold calls or bait-and-switch pricing,” said Better’s CEO Vishal Garg in a press release announcing the partnership. “By integrating with Samsung Rewards’ API, we’re able to provide an even better customer experience to a new audience who wants to do everything from paying for coffee to buying a home right from their phone.”

The company noted that it will also be a featured partner in Samsung services. Samsung Rewards customers will be able to navigate to from Samsung services for points-based rewards when they hit three milestones throughout the mortgage or refinancing process: getting pre-approved, locking in a rate, or funding the transaction. Using the Samsung Rewards API, Better Mortgage can confirm that a customer has achieved these milestones, the company said in the press release. Samsung Rewards customers can use these points to redeem items such as Samsung products, gift cards, entries into Instant Win opportunities, or even redeem for a Samsung Rewards card.

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