Capturing (And Recapturing) eCommerce Ground

1. July 2018.








The world is a rapidly changing place, thanks to the power of connected commerce. Don’t like flying commercial? JetSmarter can put you on a private plane that is occasionally the cheaper way to fly. Ready for blockchain to be a bigger part of your life for some reason? Ripple and Santander have your back. Want better checkout options? PayPal is thinking about you. Of course, with more opportunites come more freeloaders looking to ride in the digital economy through cybercrime. Though the overall breach rate fell in early 2018, all in 1.4 billion consumers have seen at least some of their data exposed. Good and bad, the progress rolls on, and the values in the connected-commerce marketplace keep ticking up.

$236 billion: The value of sales left on the table due to checkout friction in online shopping.

$82.3 billion: The estimated value of the global connected-retail market by the end of 2025.

40 percent: The share data breaches declined in Q1 2018.

2 years: The span of time it took from Santander’s first pilots with Ripple to roll out a blockchain-powered product.

$33: The cost of a regularly occurring flight from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe on JetSmarter.


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