Consumers Buying It in the Moment

30. October 2017.

Contextual commerce is coming into its own, with technology and consumer familiarity moving in close proximity. When I see something being used in the latest release of a Netflix series, how soon will I be able to identify it and learn more about it while I am watching the show?

Being able to buy and pay for desired goods and services and experiences in the moment is coming to be standard operating procedure. At the same session, Patrick Gauthier, vice-president of Amazon Pay, said that “consumers now expect there will be access to a broad range of information and product offerings—and a frictionless experience if they want to buy something. And they expect to be allowed to connect across multiple functions.”

In other words, as media and advertising become even more entwined, the prospect of being able to learn more about the clothing items a character or personality is wearing and buying that are while watching the show is coming soon. In many ways, this is one area where established online retailer platforms, such as Amazon, will have a leg up, as they will more likely already have an established commercial relationship with the consumer and have record of their preferred payment methods.

Overview by Joseph Walent, Associate Director, Research Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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