COVID-19 survives 28 days on money, ATM screens, mobile phones, claims study

11. October 2020.

The novel coronavirus can survive for 28 days on banknotes, glass, grab handles, rails, mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes at room temperature or 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), according to a study published in Virology Journal by the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness.

The research showed the COVID-19 causing virus survives for a longer period in cold conditions, implying it is potentially challenging to control it in winter than summer, according to a Business Today report. At 40 degrees Celsius, (104 degrees Fahrenheit) the survival chances of the virus falls to less than a day, said the research.

“The persistence on glass is an important finding, given that touchscreen devices such as mobile phones, bank ATMs, supermarket self-serve checkouts and airport check-in kiosks are high touch surfaces which may not be regularly cleaned and therefore pose a transmission risk of SARS-CoV-2,” stated the research report. “The mobile phones can harbor pathogens responsible for nosocomial transmission, and unlike hands, are not regularly cleaned.”

Transmission of coronavirus generally happens through direct contact and can contaminate surfaces when the particles settle, creating so-called fomites, that researchers said “may also be an important contributor in transmission of the virus.”

The study found the longer survival time of the virus, compared to seasonal flu, on banknotes “of particular significance, considering the frequency of circulation and the potential for transfer of viable virus both between individuals and geographic locations.”

According to the research, a flu virus generally survives for 17 days.

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