Dixons Carphone

25. January 2018.

High-speed network powers transformational customer experience

Imagine innovative apps on an in-store wireless tablet. They smoothly guide the sales journey, offer persuasive proof points and find deals to match customers’ exact needs. Now suppose that setup needs more bandwidth than is available to many stores and there’s no time for a network upgrade.

That was the problem facing Dixons Carphone Group (DCG) with its Pin Point initiative. The answer was found in BT Connect Optimization. Using InfoVista technology, the solution prioritized Pin Point traffic, which meant the app was up in time for Christmas. Able to sell more during that peak period, DCG also made significant savings.

“Allowing us to aggregate information like minutes, text and data – or comparisons between networks – Pin Point sharpens a really good deal for the customer,” says Carl Doran, head of product for Pin Point at Dixons Carphone. Around 5,000 Pin Point devices have been rolled out to date. Andrew Harrison adds: “Pin Point will soon provide full POS functionality, allowing salespeople to take orders without returning to a till.”

Dixons Carphone was able to save around £1½ million in network upgrade costs, while the performance of Pin Point was optimized in time for the Christmas peak shopping season. Conversion rates increased by 40% during the holiday season resulting in over £16 million in additional sales.

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