Drink Command makes it easier to self-serve, pay for beer

28. October 2017.

An Ireland-based company called Drink Command has released a new self-service draft beer system that enables customers to pour and pay for their drinks directly at the beer tap with the help of a full-service payment management system from Verifone, according to a press release.

Drink Command said the service aims to reduce queues, improve speed of service and enable customers to pay with a contactless card, NFC-enabled smartphone and other payment methods at the tap, according to the release.

Hilton Hotels and The University of Reading are among the first locations in the U.K. to roll out the technology.

“There is a change of mind-set happening in the beer dispense industry, similar to how self-serve technology has improved the way we buy petrol for our cars, or how supermarkets have improved queuing times with self-scan checkouts,” said Robbie Ward, marketing director at Drink Command, in the release. “By focusing on beer industry ‘pain points,’ such as capacity issues at busy venues and payment complexity, we have created a solution that is being adopted by the beer industry at scale.”

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