Ecommerce in Western Europe: 13.9% of retail by 2022

13. August 2017.

Ecommerce in Western Europe will account for 13.9 percent of total retail sales by 2022. With groceries not included, online retail sales in Western Europe will even make up 20 percent of total retail sales in this region.

This is the forecast of Forrester, which predicts that ecommerce in Western Europe will grow at an average of 11.3 percent per year over the next five years. The fastest online sales growth in this region can be found in Italy and Spain, the research agency expects.

According to Forrester’s predictions, 20 percent non-grocery retail sales will be online by 2022. With groceries included, 13.9 percent will be online. That’s because Forrester thinks that over five years, only 4.4 percent of grocery sales will happen online. Ecommerce will have a bigger impact in other product categories, such as music, video and DVD, computers, tickets, books, software, video games and toys. In these categories, over half of sales will come from online stores.

Share of online (grocery) sales in Western Europe

Share of online (grocery) sales in Western Europe
Share of online (grocery) sales in Western Europe.

Although online sales of groceries in Western Europe will only account for 4.4 percent of total grocery sales by 2022, Forrester thinks it will be one of the fastest-growing product categories during the next five years.



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