Emailage Embarks On ‘FinTech Roadshow’

12. September 2017.








Arizona-based startup Emailage — the identity verification company delivering risk scores to financial institutions (FIs) and online merchants based on customers’ email addresses — announced news that it’s going on tour. The company is calling it the “FinTech Roadshow.”

Emailage sees the FinTech industry as a critical sector for partnerships and growth. Although it is not a cybersecurity company, it is nevertheless delivering value in the space by providing identity verification to FIs without the requirement of any sensitive customer information.

The startup is not in the business of tracking down fraudsters who may be using stolen or synthetic IDs to open new credit card accounts. Rather, by shoring up an financial institutions’ defenses, Emailage sends the fraudsters packing so FIs can invest their time and resources in quickly moving their real online merchants through the process of delivering risk scores and getting approved for a credit card or loan.

Founded in 2012, Emailage it is now hitting its major growth area and has entered expansion mode. It aims to flesh out operations in the areas where it already has a presence — that is, London; San Paolo, Brazil; Mexico City; Colombia; San Francisco and Greece. The company sees its upcoming FinTech Roadshow as an opportunity to forge new connections in some of those markets.

First, on Oct. 9 and 10, Emailage will have an exhibit table at the LendIt conference in London (of which it is also a sponsor). CPO Amador Testa will be sitting on a fraud and identity panel during the event.

Then, Oct. 11 through Oct. 13, the company will be in Dallas, Texas, for LEND360, where Customer Success Manager Leslie Sutton will moderate a panel on identity verification in the digital generation.

The FinTech Roadshow concludes at Money20/20 in Las Vegas on Oct. 23 through Oct. 25, where Emailage will have a booth and is again a sponsor of the event.

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