Embedding Efficiency With Digital Processes

6. June 2018.








Waste not, want not, the adage goes — a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, but one with a large grain of truth. Waste seems to be everywhere. Sometimes it’s a symptom of size — freight logistics generate trillions a year in revenue, and wastes billions on paper invoicing. Sometimes it is a symptom of underdevelopment — Latin America has millions of consumers and two mega-economies (Mexico and Brazil), but eCommerce’s ignitino seems to be crawling forward. However, where there is waste, there are also those looking to fill the holes, pushing faster payments and enhanced security to go along with the increased speed.

$2 trillion: The estimated worth of the logistics and freight forwarding space.

5.7 billion: The total number of ACH debit and credit transactions in Q1 2018.

1.26 billion: The number of freight invoices generated in 2017.

630 million: The number of available consumers in the LatAm region.

$25 billion: The value of P2P payments processed on the Zelle network in Q1 2018.

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