Ethereum Classic ‘Changes’ Boost Price to New All-Time Highs Over $30

27. November 2017.

Ethereum Classic ‘Changes’ Boost Price to New All-Time Highs Over $30

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has rocketed in price to new all-time highs as the altcoin’s hard fork deadline next month nears.

Following increased enthusiasm at a recent developer conference in Hong Kong, ETC hit $34 in trading Tuesday after news of “significant changes” became mainstream.

The move represents near-50 percent growth in 24 hours, ETC’s best performance to date and a signal to traders that momentum is building to ‘copy’ Ethereum’s (ETH) own push past all-time highs.

So I went window shopping on Poloniex. And I bumped into this beauty.

It’s likely gonna follow the footsteps of $ETH and break ATH in a few days time.

Bought $ETC. Let’s

— Squeeze [LSK] (@cryptoSqueeze) November 24, 2017

Previous ETC highs had faltered at around $23 and a period of reduced public activity from major proponent Barry Silbert had led to several months of flat growth activity.

Silbert has since returned to modest updates on Twitter, confirming a new price record as the $24 levels came and went earlier today.

New all-time high for Ethereum Classic ($ETC): $25.00

Some helpful resources to learn more about ETC:

— Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert) November 27, 2017

In addition to the technical improvements planned for ETC, developers also announced the departure of Bitnovosti from the project as they now consider it “self-sustaining.”

“Bitnovosti has decided to leave Ethereum Classic, this was always a part of their plan, get us setup, be our lightening rod, and then step back once we were self sustaining,” a Reddit post reads.

“With three development teams, a passionate community, the ETC Cooperative, our first summit, and wide exchange adoption I’d say we’re there.”

The hard fork meanwhile will deliver a “stable coin supply” and stealth addresses to ensure transaction privacy, an announcement states this week. The event is due to take place Dec. 12.

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Published at Tue, 28 Nov 2017 17:48:56 +0000

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