Five at Five: Facebook Faces New Scrutiny Over Data

10. June 2018.








Welcome to Five at Five, your late look at the payments and commerce news you might have missed. First up, there is a report about new data-related allegations regarding Facebook. In addition, air travel is going cashless and Ford’s delivery service. Heineken has a new online alcohol sales program, and American Express (Amex) wants to be more responsible about plastic.

Facebook ‘Whitelists’ Granted Firms Access To Walled-Off User Data

The social media operator is facing allegations that it inked data sharing deals with certain companies, providing special access to user information after 2015 when it said it no longer engaged in that practice.

Airlines Go Cashless For Checked Bags

Airline passengers who want to pay in cash might find themselves spending more. Airlines are even requesting that more airports get on board with the cashless movement.

Ford, Postmates Team Up For Self-Driving Delivery Service

Alexandra Ford English, a member of the Ford Autonomous Vehicle Business Team, said the research vehicles for the pilots are designed to look like they are self-driving, but are manually driven by a driver, with the focus of the research on the first and last mile of the delivery experience.

Can Heineken Help Spark More Online Alcohol Sales?

The move represents the latest effort to bring more alcohol sales online, one of the more challenging eCommerce propositions, even this far into the digital era.

American Express To Roll Out Credit Card Made From Recovered Plastics

Amex said it is committing to reduce the use of single-use plastic within its operations around the globe.

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