Five At Five: Humankind Gets Pink Slips

12. June 2018.








Welcome to Five at Five, your late look at some of the day’s most important payments and commerce news. Today we have two stories — one about Amazon, the other about McDonald’s — that show how technology is replacing people. Google has a new shopping tool, a U.K. retailer has suffered a cyber breach and there is news about restaurant deliveries.

Amazon Replacing Retail Vets With Software

The retail group that helped sign multimillion-dollar deals with brands selling on Amazon is now merging with the team that runs the marketplace, an automated platform that lets anyone price, market and sell their products on the site without having to interact with anyone.

Time to Write The Obituary for the Fast Food Worker?

McDonald’s, which has increasingly expanded its use of self-service kiosks in the last year, says they are popular with consumers who like the ability to customize their orders more efficiently and easily. Customers are also, according to McDonald’s, quickly becoming used to waiting to pick up their orders at the counter — or waiting for a member of the staff to serve it to them at their table.

New Google Shopping Brick-And-Mortar Tools Feature Inventory Lists

With almost 80 percent of shoppers visiting a store when they need an item right away, Google is expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube.

UK Retailer Dixons Carphone Hit With Cyber Breach

An ongoing investigation showed that hackers attempted to access 5.9 million cards in one of the processing systems of Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores. Fortunately, 5.8 million of the cards had chip and PIN protection.

Deliveroo to Enable Restaurants to Use Own Riders for Delivery

With the service, restaurants will be able to accept orders through the delivery app and either have their own driver deliver the food or use one of the riders on the Deliveroo platform.


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