French consumers are most open to new delivery methods

3. September 2017.
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French consumers are more open to new delivery methods than consumers from the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. For example, 58 percent of the French would give couriers temporary access to their homes to let them deliver parcels. In the UK and the Netherlands, it’s respectively only 36 and 25 percent of consumers who would do this.

This is shown by a survey from B2C Europe among 1,000 respondents in the UK, the Netherlands and France. Although the Brits and the Dutch are open to innovations, such as unmanned parcel lockers, most of them still have doubts about the security. B2C Europe’s survey is the first in a series of investigations to decide how open consumers are to new delivery methods.

As said, almost six out of then consumers in France would give parcel couriers temporary access to their homes by giving them a one-time access code. In the UK, it’s one in three who are willing to this and in the Netherlands only one in four, because of security and insurance reasons.

Package delivery to the trunk of your car

Also, in France almost two-thirds or consumers would give couriers temporary access to their car, so they can place parcels in the trunk of their car. In the UK and the Netherlands, again this percentage is significantly lower. In these European countries, only one in three consumers would consider this.

Consumers in all three countries are more open to give couriers access to an unmanned locker: 88 percent in France, followed by 64 percent in the UK and 53 percent in the Netherlands. The unmanned locker is clearly the preferred delivery method of the three methods the respondents had to think about.

‘Research and invest in new technologies’

“The future of the ecommerce sector depends on the ability to innovate and these initial findings show that consumers are open to change”, says Rijk van Meekeren, CCO and founder of B2C Europe. “We must continue to research and invest in new technologies to overcome the obstacles faced by the ecommerce sector.”



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