GigaPoints AI technology helps customers choose cards

17. November 2020.

GigaPoints, a data-driven credit card comparison platform that provides personalized credit card recommendations based on a user’s spending, has launched a tool that lets users search for any type of spending to see which credit cards earn the most rewards. Users can filter lists based on their own preferences, according to a press release.

“Before we built this tool, consumers had to sift through countless blog posts, fake reviews, sponsored sites, and ads to evaluate a credit card,” Erik Budde, GigaPoints CEO and founder, said in the release. “The new offering uses GigaPoints’ proprietary AI and our extensive database of credit card systems to show you the best card in each category. And if you want to find the card that earns you the most across all of your spending, our algorithm will quickly analyze your spending to find the best card for you.”

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