Google Mobile Pay Joins Crowded Field

30. October 2017.

Another day—another payment offering. The new payment entry is from Google and called…wait for it…Pay With Google. As the following article reports, the latest mobile pay platform was first announced in May 2017, and gives Android users and online shoppers another way to buy goods and services.

Google has launched its new mobile payments platform — Pay With Google — designed to simplify the purchasing process on Android devices.

The tech giant first unveiled the Google Payment API in May 2017, designed to let consumers pay in-app or online with any verified credit or debit card saved to their Google Account. With the cards saved, users can skip through the often arduous process of filling out payment details during mobile checkout, and instead just click on the card they want to use. Google sends the retailer the shopper’s payment info and shipping address using the information from their account.

With mobile checkout remaining a significant speed bump in the shopping experience, retailers must take every step possible to streamline the process and increase conversions.

Google is helping through partner integrations; the tech giant already is collaborating with 40+ payment providers such as PayPal’s Braintree, Stripe, Vantiv, Worldpay, Adyen and Groupe Paysafe.

Retail developer teams can implement the Google Payment API with just a few lines of code with no transaction fees. In the future, shoppers will be able to leverage Pay with Google’s artificial intelligence to send person-to-person payments via Google Assistant.

Mobile pay systems are ubiquitous given the mature smartphone market in the U.S. and other developed economies. Adoption in the U.S. for the universal pays—Android, Apple, and Samsung—has been somewhat sluggish due to fragmented merchant POS enablement and the lack of added-value services. Single merchant systems, rich in integrated features, such as mobile order and pay, loyalty, and targeted marketing, have gained much more traction. For Google they begin with the advantage of having a huge user base and a wide reach, but they will still need to build a merchant acceptance base plus offer some differentiating features in order to gain decent market share.

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Associate Director, Research Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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