GoTab integrates with 7shifts to improve restaurant operations

6. October 2020.

GoTab,Inc. the mobile POS and contactless ordering and payment platform for restaurants and hospitality operators, is now integrating with 7shifts, a labor management solution for the restaurant industry.

With the GoTab/7shifts integration, hospitality operators can access a single view of real-time sales and labor data to help manage staffing and review labor KPIs on both the 7shifts app and website, according to a press release.

“When we announced our recent funding round, we said that best-of-breed integrations will be a high priority for GoTab. This integration with 7shifts is the first in a series we’ll roll out in the next few months,” Tim McLaughlin, GoTab CEO said in the release. “It provides our shared customers much-needed visibility and real-time data insight that they can use to more profitably manage their operations. This is another example of how GoTab is helping operators adapt their hospitality model and turn a corner despite the current challenges they are facing. The integration allows them to make adjustments, adapt to rapidly evolving regulations and optimize their operations, significantly improving their performance.”

With the GoTab/7shifts integration, restaurant operators can make key operational adjustments using real-time sales and labor data showcasing revenue per seat, week-by-week sales, labor costs, etc.

The integration also helps restaurant operators consult accurate sales projections based on the previous year’s metrics to make better operational decisions; handle time through the platform’s scheduling capabilities and merge tip data from GoTab with 7shifts clock-in data to calculate tip distribution as well as payroll.

“We are proud to partner with the innovative team at GoTab to provide restaurateurs with a simple, seamless integration to improve operating performance,” Jordan Boesch, 7shifts CEO said in the release. “Our vision is to partner with best-in-class technology to help restaurateurs succeed every day, and this new partnership provides immense value to operators looking to optimize their operations during uncertain times.”

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