Grocers Reduce Friction At Checkout

25. June 2018.








The checkout line can be a pain point for consumers, but cashier-less stores seek to make the trip to the grocery store a bit easier. At convenience stores, mobile payment apps are showing promise as consumers are turning to contextual commerce for online purchases. And shares of one grocer notched the best intraday performance in years amid a new focus on technology.

37 billion hours: The amount of time that consumers annually wait in line.

1,800 square feet: The footprint of Amazon Go stores.

3,300: The number of reviews on Cumberland Farms’ SmartPay Check-Link mobile app, which had only 30 customer reviews before a redesign.

58 percent: The percentage of consumers that reported engaging in contextual commerce, according to the PYMNTS Contextual Commerce Report.

13 percent: The percentage that Kroger’s shares jumped on the news of an earnings beat, marking the company’s best intraday performance in nearly a quarter of a century.

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