How trending technologies and the user experience go hand-in-hand

31. January 2018.

Technology is ever-evolving, but contrary to what we mortals might expect, it can become more human, not less so, in the process.

The “self-humanizing” capability of technology gives financial institutions the opportunity to create new and improved solutions that meet customers where they are — both physically and figuratively — in their daily lives.

Milton Santiago, an omnichannel digital executive and founder of the consultancy FinTech Advisors LLC, described how this works during a keynote presentation at the Bank Customer Experience Summit this fall.

He explained that in his previous life as a managing director and global digital channels executive at Bank of America:

Technology to me was not about implementing the next new gadget. It was not about implementing the next thing because my competition needed it or was doing it and we had to copy what they were doing. But it was about, ‘How could I create experiences that were more human?’

How do you create an experience that simulates what we do as we interact?

Watch the video below to find out …

How do we create technology experiences that are more human?” from Networld Media Group Summits on Vimeo.

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