June: ecommerce events in Europe

11. June 2017.

It’s getting warmer and warmer in Europe, so maybe it’s time to visit some cooled event venues. And at the same time, you’ll learn more about ecommerce! Just like we do every month, we’ve made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event takes place this month in Europe.

June 7-8: Ecommerce Hungary Conference – Hungary

Ecommerce Hungary Conference is an event, organized by the Hungarian ecommerce association SzEK. Held for the 14th time since 2003, it’s one of the biggest ecommerce events in Central and Eastern Europe.

June 12-14: Global E-commerce Summit – Spain

Global E-commerce Summit is the European ecommerce event from Ecommerce Europe. Part of the conference, is the annual GES Awards.

June 15-16: eCommerce & Digital Engagement for FMCG – The Netherlands

This two-day event welcomes senior-level FMCG professionals who will learn to use ecommerce and digital engagement to increase sales and brand awareness.

June 15: Newegg Seller Day – The United Kingdom

Newegg Seller Day is a one-day event which you can attend for free. It’s meant for European ecommerce companies who are interested in selling cross-border in North America and beyond.

June 20-22: eTail Europe – The United Kingdom

eTail Europe 2017 welcomes over 1,000 attendees and 700 retailers and brands, who will get plenty of opportunities to learn and network in an interactive format.

June 21: eCommerce Day – Austria

eCommerce Day, formerly known as Versandhandelstag, is an Austrian ecommerce event, organized by the Austrian ecommerce association Handelsverband.

June 27-28: Digital Travel Summit – The United Kingdom

The Digital Travel Summit is a European event that brings together digital and ecommerce directors from major hotels, airlines, cruise lines, car rentals and intermediaries.

June 27-28: Deliver #2 – Germany

Deliver #2 is a two-day ecommerce event, located in Germany, focused on logistics and it will attract over 450 ecommerce leaders, 50 investors and 150 suppliers and startups.

June 27-29: Savant e-Commerce Amsterdam – The Netherlands

There are multiple ecommerce events from Savant in Europe and beyond. In June, Amsterdam is the location for a 3-day event that will bring together over 100 leading international retailers.

Visit ecommerce events in Europe

If you want to visit more ecommerce events in Europe, please visit our events calendar. If your event is missing, don’t hesitate to contact us!



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