London fintech startup links with Barclays to test digital receipts

20. December 2017.

Flux, a London-based fintech startup, is partnering with Barclays to test the company’s digital receipt technology with some 10,000 of the bank’s customers, according to multiple reports.

Flux has created a software program intended to link between transaction data, captured by a merchant’s point-of-sale system, and information a consumer usually sees on a bank statement.

If a bank customer turns on Flux’s capability within the mobile banking app, they can see a more itemized receipt of a purchase from a partner merchant.

Flux also has a partnership with Barclaycard to provide merchants the ability to integrate the system with POS devices to issue digital receipts to any customer and just not those involved in the trail. At the moment, 111 EAT stores in the U.K. and Bel-Air have this capability.

Barclays is testing Flux’s digital receipt feature through the bank’s Launchpad mobile app, which is used to test new services with consumers.

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