Making the Digital Shift

26. October 2017.

The expanding familiarity and comfort with digital banks among U.S. consumers provides traditional banks with a reduced cost path to engage with a wider geographic segment pf the population. The article outlines the JPMorgan Chase entry, called “Finn”, in to the virtual bank marketplace as it is being staged in test markets.

Finn offers tools specifically geared toward helping millennials manage spending. The app was developed to target millennials, as well as consumers who don’t live close to a Chase branch. Users will receive a physical debit card with access to 29,000 Chase ATMs. And in addition to banking offerings, like tools to build savings and prevent overspending, the app has a feature that lets customers rate purchases by “want” and “need” and assign emojis for how the purchase made them feel. That could appeal to millennials, who thrive on network effect and digital access, by giving them banking platforms that resonate with them more than a traditional app-branch model might.

Mercator Advisory Group contends the access to Chase ATMs provides for Finn users delivers a point-of-presence for customers that customers of start-up virtual banks would lack at the outset. Ally Banks use of the Allpoint Network is one such case where the ATM from another business provides local physical access to assets. As regular bank transactions are becoming a mobile-activity, we anticipate the Finn, and the similar virtual bank offshoots will become increasingly central to the consumer banking business model.

Overview by Joseph Walent, Associate Director, Customer Interactions Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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