MishiPay introduces mobile self-checkout solution for retail

18. October 2020.

MishiPay, a London-based provider of self-checkout technology, allows customers to scan items in a store using their smartphone and pay with a variety of digital payment methods, leaving them free to exit the store, according to a press release. This eliminates the need to wait in line or have contact with staff or checkout terminals.

The self-checkout technology can be used in micro markets and vending machines, as shown on the company website.

Users can use MishiPay to check prices, view additional item information and access real-time promotion information. The technology also makes it easy for customers and staff to adhere to social distancing measures, utilizing the smartphone devices customers already carry as a contactless payment method. What’s more, shoppers are not required to download the app in order to use the solution; MishiPay builds the technology on web, in addition to native app.

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