Mobile Makes The World Go ‘Round

20. May 2018.








The great mobile commerce switchover felt like it was always coming but never arriving. However, the payments world has finally started to shift in 2018. It’s visible in the kiosks at QSRs, as restaurants of all kinds are ramping up their digital capabilities. Or in the lineless life at Starbucks and other mobile adopters who’ve transitioned their customers toward ordering via phone and ahead of arrival. Or even in the changing ways customers are managing their health and beauty regimens. Whether shopping or trying to save, customers have turned to mobile, which has become the preferred medium wherever commerce is happening.

61 percent: The share of QSRs that now use cloud-based POS systems.

41 percent: The increase in Chipotle’s mobile orders between 2017 and 2018.

22 percent: The share of health and beauty customers who regularly use retailer-provided mobile offerings.

14 percent: The share of health and beauty customers who consider discounts, coupons and loyalty programs to be very or extremely important to their overall shopping experiences.

12 percent: The share of Q1 purchases made at Starbucks via mobile.

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