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28. June 2018.








Fraudsters tend to show up in all kinds of places — expected and not. The global travel market, for example, is anticipating tens of billions being lost to fraud this year. Even the real estate industry is feeling the sting, with hundreds of thousands complaining about identity theft in lease signings. Fraud’s expansion, of course, is simply following the digital transformation of payments. Consumers and businesses are increasing their transactions online and around the clock. The fraudsters are just following the action.

$25 billion: The amount the global travel market expects to be lost to fraud.

300 percent: The amount the activity in the online gaming space has increased in the last 30 days.

80 percent: The share of surveyed merchants that accept online B2B payments.

20 percent: The share of Kabbage’s $5 billion loans to SMBs that was accessed during night or weekend hours.

400,000: The number of identity theft complaints in the real estate space in 2017.

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