Report: How to maximize subscription revenue with carrier billing?

19. February 2018.

Recurring payments are becoming increasingly popular for selling digital content. According to Gartner, 80% of software vendors will be using a subscription-based business model by 2020.

B2B companies can easily collect recurring payments through credit cards as the organizations they are selling to have access to this payment method. However, B2C companies are presented with challenges when trying to monetize their audience.

When looking at the 5 biggest smartphone markets of the world (China, India, US, Brazil and Russia), between 6% and 48% of people do not have a bank account, and between 40% and 96% of users do not have a credit card. For companies trying to collect recurring payments from consumers, a large portion of the user base simply cannot make payments with credit cards.

In this report, we give an overview of how carrier billing can be used to complement credit card payments for subscriptions:

  1. Why use carrier billing for subscriptions?
  2. What are the modern capabilities of carrier billing for recurring payments?
  3. How to leverage carrier billing for subscription revenue growth?
  4. How to leverage bundling and messaging for subscription revenue growth?
  5. What are Fortumo’s capabilities in carrier billing based subscriptions?

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