State of Blockchain Survey: Was Q3 a Mainstream Breakthrough?

15. October 2017.

State of Blockchain Survey: Was Q3 a Mainstream Breakthrough?

All-time highs, celebrity ICOs, controversial forks…

Q3 2017 was another one for the history books, and even following a “historic” Q2, it did not disappoint. Bitcoin had its wildest volatility ever, bitcoin cash abruptly burst onto the scene and almost everyone on Wall Street – fromJamie Dimon to Howard Marks – delivered (often dismissive) remarks.

Not only that, but SegWit was adopted, the two largest ICOs in history launched and China moved to aggressively regulate cryptocurrencies through an ICO ban. And, of course, who could forget “Bitcoin Sign Guy,” the photobomb that went viral and captured the times.

The end result? Huge public debates about not only cryptocurrency, but the nature of trust in money and the security of our information in the wake of the Equifax data breach.

So, for CoinDesk’s State of Blockchain Q3 2017 report, we’re seeking to better understand how the blockchain industry views these history-making trends.

How obsessed are you with prices? What did you do with your bitcoin cash? How closely do you follow the scaling debate? Has blockchain tech gone mainstream or was Q3 the latest sign of a bubble about to burst?

If you have strong opinions on the state of the industry, make your voice heard by filling in the survey here:

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As an alternative to the embedded survey, just click the link below:


The results of the survey will be analyzed and published in CoinDesk Research’s forthcoming State of Blockchain Q3 2017 report.

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