Study: Mobile banking helps consumers become more financially aware

28. October 2017.

The average consumer uses mobile banking an average of seven days per month (more than 10 days per month for millennials), according to Citibank’s first mobile banking study.

Eighty eight percent of consumers are mobile banking at home — on the couch, in bed and in the bathroom — while 44 percent are engaging at work. A staggering 31 percent of millennials mobile bank when socializing, according to a press release.

“At Citi, we’ve long recognized that Americans’ banking patterns are evolving and preferences for innovative solutions are heightening at a rapid pace,” said Alice Milligan, chief customer and digital experience officer for Citi Global Cards, in the release. “Accessibility is no longer just a value add to our customers, it’s a must.”

The study revealed that those consumers surveyed believed they were more aware of their finances because of mobile banking.

Americans who mobile bank once a week or more are more aware of their financial standing (71 percent) than those who mobile bank less than once a week (49 percent). Mobile banking users are very confident (65 percent) they know the exact balance of their bank account, compared to just 53 percent of non-mobile bank users.

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