The Hardware to Run the Software

29. December 2017.

The need for the processing and memory tuned specifically for machine learning applications catering to targeted high growth industry sectors will grow in the coming years. This will accelerate as more financial institutions seeks to develop machine learning enhanced tool to deliver personalized customer service. The article briefly outlines efforts of one of the larger hardware players that will deliver thon scale the servers needed to meet anticipated demand.

Shih pointed out that Acer has released HPC servers capable of supporting deep learning and is looking to form partnerships with outside players to develop AI applications for different industries….

…Acer is also planning to release a solution that integrates HPC servers with AI development system to help reduce the entry barrier for developers.

Mercator Advisory Group anticipates expanding use of natural language interfaces, whether spoken or typed, will increasingly fulfill the frontline role interfacing with the customer, gathering relevant information and engaging in finding a basis for solution with human interaction brought in for more nuanced solution construction and delivery. The focus on optimizing machine learning hardware for seamless delivery will be a critical component in transitioning routine work to bots.

Overview by Joseph Walent, Associate Director, Customer Interactions Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

Read the quoted story here

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