The Mobile Magic Of Summer Vacation

18. June 2018.








Summer means all kinds of things: trips to the beach, visits to national parks, road trips and, of course, Disneyland — the classic. At every step of those physical journeys, the smart merchant should be offering mobile support, since the data shows that’s often key to getting into consumers’ good graces. Even for those whose idea of a good vacation is a good staycation … well, delivery-on-demand can do a lot to enhance that experience, provided it’s done right. Of course, with all the mobile fun in the sun, it is always worth it to keep an eye out for the hackers in the shadows, who sadly do not go on vacation for summer.

51 percent: The share of millennials more likely to buy from a brand with a pleasant mobile experience.

8: The number of Disneyland restaurants offering mobile ordering services.

$70 million: The amount Ritual picked up in its last funding round.

11 gallons: The amount of gas consumers purchase on average when they fill up at the pump.

$8 trillion: The estimated value of the cybercrime market by 2022

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