TNS Report Uncovers Significant Global Variances in ATM Usage

17. October 2017.

A new report being published today by Transaction Network Services (TNS) has revealed that consumers in the US, UK and Australia exhibit different behaviors when using ATMs.

The report, called Global Variances in ATM Usage, shares the results of a survey* which TNS commissioned early this year. It investigates, among other things, how frequently people used ATMs, whether they have used ATMs at mobile and temporary sites, whether they have used ATMs in other countries, and their willingness to pay ATM fees. It also explores the reasons why some chose not to use ATMs.

Included within the report are the following insights:

  • UK adults are the biggest and most frequent users of ATMs
  • Americans are most willing to pay a small token charge to use an ATM
  • Australians are the largest adopters of ATMs at open-air venues, such as festivals
  • Among those who do not use ATMs the biggest reported reason collectively for this was that they felt they were not safe, but the top reason within each specific country varied

Lisa Shipley, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of TNS’ Payments Division, said: “This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first ATM. This technology has evolved and expanded beyond simply being an additional bank managed service and has created a thriving industry of ATM operators and deployers.

“As we look to the future, it’s vital that we understand how changing consumer habits are influencing this cornerstone of the payments industry, and TNS is delighted to be bringing you this interesting new report. Our survey results provide vital insights into consumer usage patterns, preferences and desires. This information will enable us and the industry as a whole to better understand the consumer trends and recognize what is important to the users of ATMs.”

Global Variances in ATM Usage is available to download by clicking here or emailing [email protected].

Founded in 1990, TNS has expanded to provide services across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions. The organization has secured a strong payments heritage and is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider and a global board member of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA). TNS’ secure network is supported 24x7x365 by multiple Network Operating Centers around the world. For more information about TNS, please


* KANTAR TNS commissioned a US, Australia and UK survey in May 2017 on behalf of Transaction Network Services. The survey interviewed 1,037 US adults, 1,002 Australian adults and 1,010 UK adults. The survey was conducted by online self-completion interview between 4th – 6th May 2017 by Kantar TNS. The survey is designed to be nationally representative of adults interviewed per country. The surveys use a quota sample based on age interlocked within gender, and a regional quota. Post fieldwork correctional weighting within age, gender and region, has been used to ensure the representativeness of the survey.

About Transaction Network Services:

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions. TNS offers a broad range of networks and innovative value-added services which enable transactions and the exchange of information in diverse industries such as retail, banking, payment processing, telecommunications and the financial markets.

Founded in 1990 in the United States, TNS has grown steadily and now provides services in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with our reach extending to many more. TNS has designed and implemented multiple data networks which support a variety of widely accepted communications protocols and are designed to be scalable and accessible by multiple methods.

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