Today In Data: B2B VC, Eavesdropper And Amazon Theft Prevention

13. November 2017.








Technology advancements mean two things: innovative solutions that aim to make consumers’ lives easier and a handful of cybercriminals who want to do anything but that.

Today in PYMNTS’ data, venture capital boosts B2B FinTech startups, Eavesdropper impacts millions of mobile apps, Amazon has launched a theft prevention solution, unattended retail solutions make new inroads and U.S. federal tax filers have made their disbursement preferences known.

Here are the numbers:

$287 million | Total amount of venture capital funding raised by B2B FinTech startups this week

180 million | The number of times mobile apps negatively impacted by the Eavesdropper vulnerability — which intercepts texts, voice messages and other user data from millions of smartphones — have been downloaded, according to Appthority

$249.99 | Cost of the new Amazon Key In-Home Kit theft prevention solution, giving Amazon Prime members an option to prevent packages from sitting unattended outside, where they can easily be stolen by porch pirates

160 | Number of years that unattended retail kiosks have been available, the first of which sold postcards in London

80 percent | Percentage of U.S. tax filers who receive a federal tax refund each year, the majority of whom prefer direct deposit over the traditional paper check

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