Today In Data: Nonprofit Donations, Cross-Border Payments Acquisitions And Mobile Delivery

7. December 2017.








Today in PYMNTS’ data, the value of online charitable donations to nonprofits is increasing every year, acquisitions in B2B cross-border payments are giving some firms an advantage, the mobile delivery market is booming, venture capital (VC) firms are backing all types of business-focused solutions providers and one firm is giving businesswomen better options for workwear.

Here are the numbers:

$390 billion | Value of donations to nonprofit organizations in 2016. When measured as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), nonprofit donations have been relatively flat over the last five years. Within that $390 billion, online giving was up 10 percent last year, and mobile accounted for about 15 percent of those online transactions — percentage that is likely to grow as millennials become a stronger economic force.

$145 billion | Worth of the B2B cross-border payments market. With the acquisition of international B2B payments provider Cambridge Global Payments by fuel cards and workforce payment products services provider FLEETCOR Technologies in August, the latter has gained a leg up on competitors in the industry.

$55 billion | Projected value of the mobile delivery market by 2022. Seventy percent of internet users told research analysts they had ordered food delivery in the last year, with another 20 percent ready to try it in the future. Of all online orders, 69 percent are placed on a mobile device.

$85 million | Total B2B funding invested in businesses in PYMNTS’ weekly VC roundup, with startups in Asia, the Middle East and the U.S. taking the lead. It was a mixed bag in terms of industries seeing backing, with a few startups working in the more traditional B2B technology — including expense management and software as a service (SaaS) offerings — and others in the realms of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

$1.5 million | Value of the angel funding startup firm Argent has raised so far, helping the company launch offerings toward its mission of giving professional women new options in work attire. The company’s goal is to give customers a wide array of colorful, creative pieces for workwear that can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways that highlights function as well as form — at affordable prices.

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