Today In Data: Priming The Digital Consumer

26. June 2018.








Starting this week, Whole Foods Market shoppers who are also Amazon Prime members will see their benefits rolling in no matter where they are, as the program goes nationwide. The grocery games — and who will win the new multichannel grocery shopper — are the main events this summer, but the competition is heating up all over the map. Also, PayPal’s been securing some big buys. Its new pair-up with Hyperwallet will help power push payments wherever, whenever. It’s an opportunity-rich environment, though one that’s also full of challenges, particularly of the regulatory kind. That’s because, when it comes to moving money, it can’t just be fast and easy it must also be compliant.

90 million: The number of Amazon Prime members in the U.S.

60 percent: The share of Whole Foods consumers who are already Prime members.

200: The approximate number of nations Hyperwallet will serve as part of PayPal.

100: The number of recommendations for FinTech expected to come from an upcoming Treasury Department report.

1: The number of days left to sign up for the “RegTech: Transforming Compliance Through Enabling Technology” webinar.

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