Today In Data: SMBs’ Capital Management, Cash Still Powerful And B2B Apps For Professionals

14. November 2017.








When it comes to payment methods and moving money between parties, knowing how to handle transfers in the most efficient way possible can make or break a transaction and mean the difference between a solid buyer-seller relationship or the end of one.

This is true for consumers making payments to companies to obtain retail goods and businesses looking to pay each other for services rendered.

Today in PYMNTS’ data, U.K. small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have a lot of working capital on the books, consumers across Asia still use a lot of cash, merchants are becoming more omnireadi, demand for gym management software solutions is on the rise and business professionals are using far too many apps to get through their daily tasks.

Here are the numbers:

$179.5 billion | Amount of working capital on the books for U.K. SMBs, according to a recent report by Grant Thornton, which surveyed working capital management in the nation’s SMBs and found, overall, that they could improve working capital performances

57 percent | Percentage of consumers polled across India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia who reported cash still carries a lot of power, citing it as their preferred payment method for daily retail purchases

14 percent | Portion of merchants studied by PYMNTS that saw their OmniReadi Index™ (a Vantiv collaboration) scores improve in the November 2017 edition of the report

11.1 percent | Projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase in demand for gym management software solutions between 2016 and 2020

9.4 | The number of different apps business professionals must use to complete their day-to-day work tasks, according to research in its “The False Promise of the App Economy” report

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