UK small businesses increase acceptance of mobile payment apps

17. July 2018.

New research commissioned by Verifone shows how U.K. small and medium enterprises are modernizing their businesses to deal with the huge demand from a digitally-savvy society, according to a press release about the study.

The independent report, conducted by Verve Partners Research and commissioned by Verifone for MoneyConf, shows that more than a quarter (29 percent) of U.K. small and medium businesses now give their customers the option to pay using an app in store — an increasingly popular payment method for consumers, fueled by the popularity of mobile payments apps such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In addition, almost a fifth (17 percent) of micro-businesses are also tapping into the trend and accepting payment apps to ensure an easy experience for their customers at the checkout.

“Society has become familiar with the seamless use of apps and social media,” Nathan Gill, vice president and head of solutions at Verifone, said in the press release. “Today, consumers expect to pay with the same speed and convenience as with these other aspects of their lives, but they also want other options at the checkout that extend beyond a traditional transaction — the ability to donate to charity or delay the debit from their account, for example.”

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