UK supermarket Ocado launches app for Alexa

29. August 2017.
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Ocado, the online-only grocery retailer from the United Kingdom, has launched a mobile app for Alexa, the voice-controlled assistant from Amazon. Customers are now able to add a product to their basket, receive inspiration and keep track of orders by using solely their voice.

Ocado says it’s the first supermarket in the UK to launch an app for Amazon Alexa. Among the functions of this app are the options to add a product to an existing order or basket, find out which products are currently in season, check an existing order or basket to see if a certain product has already been added, keep track of an order by asking “where’s my order?” and confirm the time until which an existing order can be amended.

Suggesting previously ordered items

As of this week, consumers are not only able to shop at Ocado via the online store, the iOS, watchOS or Android app, but also by using their voice. The ecommerce team of Ocado Technology built a conversational service which can suggest both appropriate and previously ordered items, so customers can add items to their basket with less effort.

“Grocery shopping should be quick, easy and convenient. Using voice technology, we’ve made it even easier”, says Lawrence Hene, Marketing and Commercial Director at Ocado. “Customers can add products to their Ocado baskets without lifting a finger.” Alexa currently recognizes the top 15,000 commonly searched terms from

Ocado using Alexa



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