Using Efficiency To Find Lost Productivity

13. June 2018.








The world is becoming more digital, and digital-transaction-friendly, at an almost exponential rate over the last few years. All to the good — and all adding to the case of greater efficiency. However, inefficient pockets hang on. Transparent allocation processes often make corporate spending opaque, even to CFOs most of the time — and even though they should presumably know such things. That is also true for the 78 percent of firms that have not yet embraced sandboxing as a method to speed innovation to market, or in the lives of caregivers for older adults, who will see their lifetime earnings diminished by $350,000 as a result of their efforts for others.

$4 billion: Total lost economic productivity associated with unpaid elder care provided by working adult family members.

39 percent: Projected growth of mobile payments transaction value by 2020.

36 percent: Share of American retailers that accept Apple Pay.

60 percent: Share of CFOs who lack total visibility into their company’s spending.

40: Share of top-performing firms that say sandboxes are key to helping scale functionality.

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