Venmo, Zelle among trending topics in 2017

18. January 2018.

Editor’s note:This is the second part of an ongoing end-of-the-year review of Mobile Payments Today in 2017. Read the first part.

One of the ongoing trends this year that hit a nerve with Mobile Payments Today readers was any discussion about Venmo and Zelle.

After watching Venmo dominate the mobile P2P market for the past few years, the banks decided to do something about it and Zelle was born. To date, the banks are seeing success from the system.

I wrote a couple of blog posts about the topic, one of which had to do with the marketing of such services.

Rounding out the top five blog posts for the year are pieces about the state of mobile payments in 2017; the future of Amazon Go; and whether in-car payments are innovative.

5. “What’s in a name for Masterpass, Venmo and Zelle?”: Venmo has staked its claim as a verb, which says something about its ubiquity. Masterpass and Zelle? Not so much.

Two of the top five blog entries on the site this year had to do with the ongoing mobile P2P battle between Venmo and the banks.

In this particular blog post, I poke a little fun at the Zelle name and how difficult it is to turn brand into a verb in the same way Venmo did with millennials.

I also took a shot at MasterCard’s marketing efforts with Masterpass.

Read the blog entry.

4. “It’s a weird time for mobile payments”: We’ve seen multiple studies over the past few months that conclude younger generations are aware of mobile payments, but don’t care much about them — a service such as Venmo being the rare exception.

In the almost four years I’ve been writing exclusively about the mobile payments market, I’ll always write a piece about the “state of things.”

This was that piece in 2017.

It was a short blog post based on something I heard in 2016 at our annual Bank Customer Experience Summit, and it didn’t come from an executive, believe it or not.

Read the blog post.

3. “Is Zelle finding a groove with bank customers over Venmo?”: It was a small sample size, but participants at a consumer panel at this year’s Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago revealed their preferences for mobile P2P services.

As I mentioned a couple of times already, Venmo vs. Zelle chatter trended in 2017.

In this particular blog post, I walk back some of my Zelle criticism from a marketing perspective.

And that changed because of what I heard at this past year’s Bank Customer Experience when Zelle users on our consumer focus group gushed about the service.

Read the blog post.

2. “The impact of Amazon Go and the future of payments”: Does the consumer-controlled checkout Amazon Go offers hold revolutionary potential, or is it a blip on the radar before a newer, hotter trend dominates the popular narrative? In reality, it’s a bit of both.

Amazon Go was likely one of the most-discussed retail developments in 2017, and with good reason.

The concept, which eliminates the traditional checkout lane, completely re-imagines what it’s like to shop in a retail environment. But it’s still something that’s in its early phases of development.

Amazon still hasn’t said when the concept will be ready for more mainstream use.

Read the blog post.

1. “Are in-car payments innovative?”: Their success will likely hinge on the same issues as mobile payments — consumer adoption and acceptance.

Way back in January, I attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show and got a glimpse into the future with in-car payments.

At the time, I wrote a piece about whether you could consider such a creation as an innovative step in the payments industry.

While the innovation with the concept is up for debate, the real question will be whether consumers adopt in-car payments when they’re more widespread.

Read the blog post.

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