Zensoft Moves To Accept Cryptocurrencies For Enterprise Software Projects

27. February 2018.








Enterprise software company Zensoft wants to accept cryptocurrencies from its corporate clients and has announced a partnership with OPEN to facilitate that goal.

The companies said Monday (Feb. 26) they are working together to enable Zensoft to accept digital currencies as payment for enterprise software development projects. The software company will deploy OPEN’s API, its blockchain Scaffolds and its State transaction receipts solution.

Zensoft CEO David Tolioupov said of the integration with the OPEN platform, “A crypto company can now rent development, design, QA and machine learning capacity from Zensoft by paying directly with its own cryptocurrency. This creates a synergistic value dynamic with our customers, as building a high-performing product for these customers furthers Zensoft’s bottom line.”

“Providing the necessary infrastructure developers require to process cryptocurrency-based payments on back ends the way applications process fiat payments today is key to the adoption by the application developer,” said OPEN member Ken Sangha. “We are proud to present Zensoft as our first enterprise-level integration partner. Our mission is to empower software developers to utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies from within their existing application architecture. Zensoft is the perfect example of a world-class developer that has recognized the shift toward decentralized technologies for their clients, and OPEN is there to enable that.”

OPEN added that it will announce more partnerships in the coming weeks with more companies using its blockchain payment technology.

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